Breakout Edu



Looking for a way to get your students engaged in a topic all the while having them work together as a team, use problem solving, and critical thinking skills? Look no further than Breakout Edu (

Breakout Edu is like a spin-off of the “Escape Room” experience. However, instead of working together to escape a room, students are given clues and must work together to “break out” whatever is in a box containing several locks. The premise for each breakout is similar. A mystery box is placed before the students with 4+ locks securing the contents of the box. Locks vary from key locks, 4 digit combination, word locks, and directional locks. Students must piece together clues given to them by the teacher to find the combination of the different locks to win… all in 45 minutes!

Clues are created by the teacher and can be adapted for any topic ranging from math, science, history, English, computer programming, etc. The possibilities are endless and is limited only by your imagination and creativity. If creating your own breakout box theme is too daunting, there is a database of games already created by teachers like you. Games are sorted by grade level and topics. Breakout boxes do require some time to set up and purchase of some materials, but the pay out is more than worth it. You’ll never see a more engaged group of students working together.

More information about this can be found at this LINK.

Still a little skeptical (or even confused)? Interested in trying a breakout? Contact Mr. Chu ( and he can set you up with a breakout experience.


Quizizz, an alternative to Kahoot!



Many of us have used Kahoot! in our classroom at some point, but have you ever wished that students could go back and review the questions on their own or at their own pace? Well Quizizz is a great alternative for those wanting these features.

Quizizz allows students to play quiz games designed by teachers at their own pace all the while still competing with their classmates. Teachers can create their own quiz or use one from the shared database. Many subjects and topics are available. So if you have used Kahoot!, Quizizz will be very familiar.

The video below presents a quick walkthrough of Quizizz.

You can begin creating your Quizizz now at