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Canvas can integrate other apps to.  Here’s how!


CANVAS Training



Canvas Training will be conducted by Mr. Chu and Mr. Berngen on these dates this week:

  • Monday, February 1st, 3 – 4:00 in Room 326
  • Tuesday, February 2nd, 3 – 4:00 in Room 326
  • Thursday, February 4th, 3 – 4:00 in Room 326

If you are interested in a 1 on 1 training session…email us and we will be more than happy to set something up.





Simply put, Educreations is an interactive whiteboard app that allows you to create easy to follow tutorials for students. You can record audio to narrate your actions as well, allowing you to create diagrams, commentary, simple animations, or instructions with coupled audio covering any topic. Plus, you can share video via email, Facebook, or Twitter in addition to the classroom.

Better Lesson


Lessons are posted by “Master teachers” from around the country and these lessons are supposed to be some of their most effective lessons. Most of these are pretty detailed and include many attachments for worksheets, presentations, projects, etc. You may search their database by topic and common core standard as well.

Check it out!

Aurasma – Make Your Classroom an Augmented World


Aurasma is HP Autonomy’s augmented reality platform. Aurasma’s image recognition technology uses a smartphone’s or tablet’s camera to recognize real world images and then overlay media on top of them in the form of animations, videos, 3D models and web pages.

Translation – It makes your classroom a 3D world where things are hidden except students have to find them.

Here is a video of what it is.

Here is a Prezi explaining how to use it in the classroom.   

5 Ways to use Aurasma in the classroom.