Any device

Use Infographics to create a timeline or present facts.

Talking about an interesting topic in history that could be enhanced by a visual?  Have your students create an infographic about a topic of your choosing.  This is a new way to present. Here are some great sites to create for free (piktochart or canva are both good ones):



Blabberize – Give a visual representation of a person from history through a blabberization.  Make the person from history come alive with your words.  It’s really easy.  Cut out the mouth,

WordleUse wordle to create an expression on a given topic using words.  It would be great for students to pick a person or an event from history and list several different adjectives to describe the person/event.  The more words you use the bigger the word is in the wordle.

Powtoon – A different way to present.  Add animation and great design to help create amazing presentations!

Emaze – Create amazing presentations with these cutting edge designs.  Pick one presentation that walks you through an art gallery or another that drives you down a road during your presentation.  Pick what best suits you!


Adobe Voice: Have your students create a really simple video using adobe voice to tell a story about a given topic.  The video will be narrated and edited by your students.

Articles – Differentiation

NewsELA – Differentiate your articles by using NewsELA.  News ELA takes different articles and breaks them up for students with different reading (lexile) levels.  This way all students can participate in the conversation.  Also, it generates quizzes for students to take as based on what they read at their level.

Students can annotate too!

Still thinking about what to do? 

Check out this great article from education world on how to incorporate technology while using common core standards.


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