Math Resources

Accelerated Math  – Math proficiency is critical for students’ college and career readiness, and Accelerated Math helps ensure that proficiency for every student. Accelerated Math’s unique methods have been proven effective in more K12 classrooms than any other math program. A total of 101 independent research studies confirm it.

Now, Accelerated Math helps teachers personalize dynamic math practice based on Common Core State Standards, grouping students according to STAR Math interim assessment data. Teachers can easily provide dynamic practice for grade-level Common Core State Standards and foundational skills development while monitoring progress toward success on PARCC exams at a glance using the teacher dashboard.

Think Through Math – Think Through Math is designed to supplement the teacher’s instruction in remedial mathematics. It is a web-based learning system that helps your students build the foundational math skills that are critical to their college success. With Think Through Math, your students can accelerate their learning — helping them avoid falling into the “transition gap” and advance into gateway coursework.

Desmos Graphing Calculator (it is either an app or built for the browser) – A graphing calculator that lives in your browser.  Picture below of the actual app.

GeoGebra (it is either an app or built for the browser) – interactive and dynamic materials to teach Geometry.  It even comes with materials!  It allows students to see touch and experience math.

Here is a link to some free materials on it.

Below is a picture of something that could be generated on GeoGebra.

Additional Resources 


Articles – Differentiation

NewsELA – Differentiate your articles by using NewsELA.  News ELA takes different articles and breaks them up for students with different reading (lexile) levels.  This way all students can participate in the conversation.  Also, it generates quizzes for students to take as based on what they read at their level.

Still thinking about what to do? 

Check out this great article from education world on how to incorporate technology while using common core standards.


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