Incredibox – Enjoyed by music teachers Incredibox is used in schools to introduce rhythm and music mechanisms to children.  Each individual character makes a different sounds.  When they are all put together you can create multiple different songs.  Free, easy, quick to use.  When you are finished you can even download your song!

EarSketch – What do you get when Jay – Z’s sound engineer (Young Guru) and Georgia Tech get together?  EarSketch!  A unique way to become a music producer.  It combines code (python) and different sounds to make a variety of different beats.  It is incredibly easy to use and turns the modern day student into a producer with a wide variety of sounds to choose from (3500).  The sounds come from all different genres thus allowing the students to produce a wide variety of music!

Articles – Differentiation

NewsELA – Differentiate your articles by using NewsELA.  News ELA takes different articles and breaks them up for students with different reading (lexile) levels.  This way all students can participate in the conversation.  Also, it generates quizzes for students to take as based on what they read at their level.

Students can annotate too!

Still thinking about what to do? 

Check out this great article from education world on how to incorporate technology while using common core standards.


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