Learning Management Systems


Learning Management Systems 

Learning Management Systems are a great way to manage all of your resources in one place.  We currently have two available for you.  

1.) Edmodo – is a social networking site for your classroom.  You can interactwith students, create quizzes (it even grades them for you and provides a break down of percentages so you can assess if there will need to be some reteaching), take a poll on how students feel on a certain topic, and connects you with a large learning community based on your given content area.  It’s great resource to ask questions to people all over the world and get an almost instantaneous response.

Want to join a specific group regarding particular issues that you are having?  Take a look at this comprehensive list from Edmodo:

Edmodo Specific Group List

Need the code to get in?  Email me at ejberngen@cps.edu

2.) Canvas – Canvas is a robust learning management system.  You can store all of your materials on it, make quizzes, enroll students in your class, and create turn-in deadlines for all your assignments.  When the student logs in, they can see all of their classes, upcoming assignments, and they can access Canvas from any device – including their phone.  Best part of all….IT IS TOTALLY FREE!

Want to try it out?  Head on over to our Canvas page for resources.


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